Lokendra Kushwah

Fulltime Freelancer - Android Developer







Android, Web Services, Database, CC-Avenue Payment Integration

Business Cards Manager

Android, SQLite, Google Play Services

Wheelchair app is a complete e-commerce solution which offers a wide range of handicapped products  ...

Business Cards Manager is all-in-one app for business card related matters. You can perform all operations ...



BitCoin Currency Rates

Android, Google Firebase Ad

Business Cards Manager is all-in-one app for business card related matters. You can perform all operations ...




Android, SQLite, PHP, MySQL, Google Location Service

TransportVia is an Android app which allows app user to track location in real time. Device location are tracked via GPS or Mobile Network, whichever is available in mobile phone. (GPS is given a priority here). Device location are recorded in mobile database (SQLite) and is synced to central server whenever the phone is connected to internet. App runs in the background and does all work. User can see the location tracking records on the screen. Can also see the data sync status. It also allows user to enter Expense details.




Android, Web Services, Database, Payment Integration, Push Notification

VegThela is an online shopping app which allows its users to buy vegetables and fruits. User can see various vendors of his area, can compare their rates and buy product from vendor of his choice. App provides various payment options like Cash On Delivery, Credit Card, Debit Cart, Wallet and Net Banking. It has various section for user to manage his orders, delivery address, etc. App also offers other e-commerce app facility like promo code, VegThela Wallet which is credited with Cash Back offers.




Stock and Order Management for Super Stockiest

Android, Web Services, Database, Push Notification

This app help super stockiest to management daily stock of vegetable and fruits. It also allows stockiest to update rate for various products. Stockiest can also view all his orders and fulfill them based on his stock availability. He can see list and amount of delivered order and analyze cancelled orders. App also help stockiest in managing his bank accounts.